Essential Oils and Cancer –
How To Confuse And Kill Cancer Cells

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Essential Oils And Cancer:

How To Effectively Use The Right Essential Oils To Confuse And Kill Cancer Cells (Book 1)

by Nancy Dennett Ducharme

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Essential oils have been used for centuries to help support the immune system and bring the body back to health. This first book in the Essential Oils And Cancer series shows step by step exactly how to use essential oils to fight cancer. Learn how to prepare and use the compounds in two specific plant species to attack and destroy abnormal cells and cell mutations that have grown out of control.
Learn which combinations of essential oils to use with breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, according to latest scientific research.



Charity Spotlight:

pink-link logo is a FREE Online Breast Cancer Social Network


Pink-Link’s MISSION:

The Pink-Link Breast Cancer Social Network provides valuable community and support resources for women affected by Breast Cancer.

Pink-Link is a nonprofit organization and all online services are free. Pink-Link’s key service is an online database of Breast Cancer survivors, family members and friends. Connecting with other survivors creates an intimate and personal link between those going through breast cancer treatment and those that have completed their treatment. Our website is an honest and real forum to share and support those with breast logo2

Pink-Link is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women in obtaining a healthy survivorship of breast cancer. We provide an on-line support service for women; our website creates an intimate and personal link among the patient, survivor, friends and family, using an on-line searchable database, as well as other supportive services. The resulting connections give women the knowledge needed to promote life and enhance the quality of living with breast cancer.”

– See more at:



Victoria Tashman ~ Pink-Link Founder,
Helping Women to Get Targeted Support

Victoria Tashman

Victoria Tashman is the Founder of Pink-Link. After completing a year of Breast Cancer treatment, Victoria wanted to give back to the community that supported her. Victoria had a wide support group of friends and family and met many women who were battling breast cancer on their own. Some of these women were afraid of talking to their doctors and some women suffered through treatment all alone. Victoria realized that many women were either unable or uncomfortable attending local support groups. And they were less likely to find someone with enough similar circumstances to relate to.

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Victoria decided to address this need by creating an on-line database of patients and survivors. Victoria envisions women diagnosed with breast cancer getting the particular, targeted support they need from the comfort of their own home. Pink-Link is a nonprofit organization that connects breast cancer survivors for free, online. On their website,, women can connect with other women with similar breast cancer issues. Pink-Link has members in all 50 states and internationally.

To find out more about Pink-Link, to get help or to make a donation go to: or to Vicki’s blog at:



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Health Resource Spotlight: Mom*E*Mineral

Mom*E*Mineral is an online health resource that we think you should know about. Their initial goal was to be a one-stop destination for the highest quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. However over time they have become much more than a vitamin and nutritional supplement store. Their product list now includes many holistic and natural health products that are especially helpful to those who are focusing on healing, illness prevention, improving health or maintaining a healthful balance.momemineral (1)

The women behind Mom*E*Mineral are committed to continuing a family focus on healthful solutions. Their father worked with Carl C Pheifer MD as acting medical director.

Mom*E*Mineral carries over 10k health products from 300 of the top scientific based health product manufacturers. They carry some of the best quality extracts on the internet. They have served cancer patients for many years and their products require a license to sell. They carry Kan Herbs, Douglas Labs, etc. They are women owned and operated and serve 35k customers around the world.  You can review their large ingredient index: and a large brand index….and can cross reference 10k products by dietary consideration as well (gluten free, yeast free, etc)MeM-Banner-336x280

Mom*E*Mineral is dedicated to providing the highest level of compassion, service and attention to their loyal customers. Their philosophy goes beyond their pockets as Mom*E*Mineral was founded upon the principals of giving back to the communities they serve. A family-operated business, with a strong background in the field of medicine, they have weaved their own personal values into the work they enjoy. Mom*E*Mineral’s allegiance to health and wellness is what drives the standards of quality for products offered. Mom*E*Mineral’s products are hand selected. It is their commitment to their customers to continue to provide top notch, cutting edge, often backed-by-research products and personalized service for years to come. They are moms with a purposeClick Here to learn more about Mom*E*Mineral.



Natural Health Book Spotlight

31 Ways to Naturally
Cure Ovarian Cysts:

Easy at-home homeopathic treatments that reduce, eliminate, and prevent ovarian cysts and physical pain


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In this easy to follow book, you will learn 31 natural ovarian
cyst treatments that can:

End ovary pain, prevent ovarian cyst rupture, heal ruptured ovarian cysts faster, books fertility, balance your system, become healthier, regulate your menstrual cycle, reduce the risk of cancer, eliminate ovarian cysts, improve your mood, and even lose weight.


Treatments that are natural to the body are not only the healthy choice, but also very effective as well as permanent if continued.

Discover what has helped thousands of women all over the world end their ovarian cyst pain and keep it away for good! All of these steps involve natural treatments and supplements that will allow your body to fight abnormalities such as ovarian cysts the way that it should. The simple steps are laid out in a way that makes it easy to stay on track and not feel overwhelmed.


Can A Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Affect Your Health?

Guest post by Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide

Adopting A Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Can Help To Manage Your Current Health

The vegetarian and vegan diets are well known for natural healing health benefits on the human body. Leading a vegetarian lifestyle  help manage health conditions, improve the environment and teach you how to develop good eating habits.

So what are the main health benefits of adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet?

1)      A vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicals that can cause disease in the body.

2)      A vegetarian diet  (especially superfoods) naturally boosts the immune system

3)      A vegetarian diet helps to support the biological functions within the body to maintain healthy organs

4)      A vegetarian diet can help to manage the symptoms of menopause

5)      A vegetarian diet can increase fertility in men by improving their sperm health and sperm count

6)      A vegetarian diet can help to naturally detox toxins and harmful substances from the body

7)      A vegetarian diet can help to improve your energy levels and improve your skin to give it a natural glow to it.

8)      A vegetarian diet can help to manage food allergies.

So what steps could you take today to start a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet?

Well it is important to see your doctor and nutritionist for guidance and get an ebook or course that can help you make the transition properly. The best vegetarian lifestyle course is The Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide 30 Day Course to learn more sign up here or follow us on twitter

Remember that your health is your greatest wealth.

Can Frankincense Suppress Cancer Cells?

Guest Post by

Much research has been done about the power of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and cancer. Recently, international laboratory research has demonstrated frankincense essential oil’s ability to shut down cancer cells without harming healthy cells. It shuts the cancer cells down by probing the nucleus and resetting the cancerous DNA to normal cellular DNA.

Dr. Mahmoud Suhail is interviewed by Dr. Cole Wolley about the medical research of boswellia sacra (Sacred Frankincense) found exclusively in Oman and the effects on cancer. His pre-clinical results are exciting and show tumors to undergo necrosis and shrink in size within 3-4 weeks of using sacred frankincense. Here is his interview on Youtube

Here is a video testimonial from a man with a tumor in his neck who used sacred frankincense

here is a link to the another study done with sacred frankincense that is published on pubmed:

The cancer industry has suppressed information like this for years in order to maintain the status quo of expensive and toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

When using Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) to address your tumors and cancer, the healthy cells are supported while the fast growing cancer cells are being digested. The only side effects people experience from this approach is better health. No negative side effects, No surgery, and No poison.

Frankincense has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and now we are rediscovering the power of essential oils that ancient civilizations used for their medicine everyday.


About the Guest Authors:

Most people are interested in taking control of their healthcare needs in a natural way, Catherine & her sister Elizabeth did just that when they started using essential oils. They figure there are two types of people in the world, those that choose to reduce the toxic load their bodies have to encounter each day and those that don’t. We have decided to join those who want to live a natural and chemical free lifestyle and we have chosen Young Living as our partner.

For a free ebook and more information about essential oils and boswellia sacra – visit:




Book Spotlight: Cancer Natural Strategies


Cancer Natural Strategies

by Robert G. Miller and

Judith G. Oakley, Ph.D.


A Message from the Author:

The cancer field is changing. It’s now all about genetics…not the genes we’re born with, but how the ones we have now are being “expressed” every minute of the day and night. Research biologists have now proven that lifestyle regulates gene expression. In correcting the way our genes communicate with each other we can halt, even reverse cancer.
This site contains the very latest research. It’s truly exciting. For the first time ever, a cancer patient can take a leading role in making a huge difference helping him or herself. You won’t find this latest information elsewhere. The cost of our eBook is just $24.95, fully guaranteed. In all honesty it could be the best investment in life one could ever make. It has worked for me and can for you, too.
~ Robert G. Miller

CLICK HERE for More Information and to Order.

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Can The Paleo Diet Help You To Improve Your Health?

Guest post by Suz:

Have you ever considered that the very foods we’re told are healthy, might actually be quite the opposite? The Paleo Diet is gaining a huge following, yet turns conventional wisdom on its head.

At its core, Paleo promotes eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. Meat should be grass-fed and good quality. Fish shouldn’t be farmed, rather wild, line caught. Where possible, fruit and vegetables should be organic, local and seasonal. Avoid caged eggs, and instead go for organic, free-range eggs.

All sounds good so far, but what’s missing? Paleo excludes grains (bread, pasta and rice for example), legumes (beans and soy products) and dairy, as these contain many components that are relatively new in human history – and which evidence suggests we just do not handle very well. Grains contain things like Lectins, gluten and phytates, which seem to cause many problems.

Fortunately the popularity of Paleo means there are many personal examples of how following this way of eating has transformed the health of many.

Many people find breakfast a concern, since of course, traditional breakfast includes very un Paleo food, such as toast, pastries, cereal (in no-fat milk) and sugar laden juices. So what can you have for a Paleo Breakfast? Fortunately there are countless options. Omelettes are a great start to the day, but if you don’t have time, try using a crockpot to make a breakfast casserole.

How to start? Some people take the gradual approach, slowly start cutting down on grains, before giving them up altogether. I’d recommend going all in – why not try a Paleo diet, strictly, for 30 days. If you don’t feel any better afterwards, you can go back to what you did before – no loss. But alternatively, you might find a renewed health you didn’t know was possible.


Guest Post by Suz from The Paleo Network at  Suz blogs about all aspects of the Paleo Diet on the Paleo Network (



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