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Dawn Jones – Inspiring Survivors with her Story, Strength, Gratitude, and Beauty

Over the years you may have seen compelling television snippets of various cancer patients who were given dismal prognoses….who then pursued successful care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. These messages have offered hope and inspiration to so many cancer patients. CTCA has now taken this inspiration to a whole new level with their “in […]


Kevin Davison –
Childhood Cancer Survivor, Successful Fiction Writer

Kevin Davison is an inspiring childhood cancer survivor. He conquered epilepsy as well as cancer and has managed to identify his passion and pursue his writing dreams. Kevin is the author of an on-going fantasy/adventure series, “Athyxian Chronicles” as well as a stand-alone psychological thriller titled, “Wrath.” Kevin has been cancer free for 25 years. […]


Patricia Dean-Escoto – On Holistic Nutrition and Healing

Patricia has been a successful Educator and Trainer for over 20 yrs. After being diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, and refusing chemotherapy, she pursued the study of nutrition and used that knowledge, along with other homeopathic treatments to recover. Patricia’s company, Inner-Workings, specializes in nutrition therapy and diet analysis to help her clients lower […]


Christian Wilde – On Preventing Cancer with Turmeric

Christian Wilde is an author & researcher. He publishes the Christian Wilde’s Stem Cell and Turmeric Research Report that informs readers on stem cell progress for treating more than 90 catastrophic diseases including many cancers. The report also concentrates and reports on the actual science behind Turmeric in the treatment and prevention of cancer. He […]


Lauren Miller – On Reducing Stress During Life’s Challenges

Lauren has received national recognition in Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and the International Journal of Healing and Care. For 18 years her focus has been on anxiety relief and stress reduction. She works with men and women worldwide empowering them with techniques and skills to live life without stress. Her first book: “Hearing His Whisper…a Journey through […]


Alan Smith – On Complementary and Alternative Medicine

When the Mayo Clinic didn’t have the answers for his digestive problem Alan Smith turned to the world of complementary and alternative therapies.  He found therapies that improved his health and the more he learned the more excited he became about all of the hope that is available today.  Eventually he decided to share what he’d learned so he wrote an easy-to-read guide […]