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Wendy Jacobson – Hands Off My Hope – How Her Mother Beat the Odds and Created a Legacy to Inspire Others

Wendy Jacobson watched her Mother, Jan Zimmerman, battle breast cancer for over a decade. When she was first diagnosed in 1995, Jan was given a less than 10% chance of surviving longer than six months. Through sheer will and determination, Jan not only beat the odds, she also lived a good life for almost 13 […]


Lisa Grey – The Pink Kitchen Chef – Helping Cancer Patients and Survivors with Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Lisa  Grey is the founder and nutrition chef of Pink Kitchen. Having had first-hand experience with the fatigue that accompanies cancer treatment, Lisa’s passion is to simplify healthy, delicious cooking for cancer survivors and others. She is also the author of Pink Kitchen PESTOS and Pink Kitchen SCONES. A third title, Pink Kitchen SOUPS, will […]


Dina Nwaokai-Beecham – How Race Impacts Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survival

Dina Nwaokai-Beecham  is the author of: “Memoirs of Cancer: Ten African Americans Share Their Cancer Experience.” After being diagnosed with cancer, Dina Beecham, like other cancer survivors knew she was facing the most challenging ordeal of her life. But what she soon realized, was that being African American would make her cancer experience even more […]