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Joy Huber – Inspiring Patients to Face “Cancer with Joy”

Joy Huber is a stage four young adult cancer survivor and the founder of “Cancer with Joy.” She is an award-winning international presenter and songwriter. Joy helps the newly diagnosed and those on their support team learn how to transform fear into happiness with resources, support, and en‘courage’ment. She wrote the book “Cancer with Joy” […]


Linda Fisher – Compassionate Work to Nurture Recovery

Linda Fisher was one of our recent guests on Cancer Free Radio. Recently the compassionate work that she does was also profiled on CNN, and we wanted to share that with you. Here is the link to our interview with Linda. Here is the link to her profile on CNN. For more info. on Wings […]


Victoria Tashman – Founder of Pink-Link,
Helping Women to Get Targeted Support

Victoria Tashman is the Founder of Pink-Link.  After completing a year of Breast Cancer treatment, Victoria wanted to give back to the community that supported her. Victoria had a wide support group of friends and family and met many women who were battling breast cancer on their own. Some of these women were afraid of […]