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The Brad Coleman Cancer Foundation – A Champion of Early Detection of Testicular Cancer

Most of the time on Cancer Free Radio, the cancer prevention dialogue focuses on breast cancer and how women can take preemptive measures to improve survival due to early detection. I think, as a gender, women tend to be more likely to investigate health concerns and to seek guidance from other women and health advisors. […]


Dr. Kathy Gruver – The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Kathy Gruver, PhD, LMT, RM Host of the National TV Series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet on OTV. Author of the IndyExcellence Finalist, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet As seen on Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act Natural Health Speaker, Author, Educator and Practitioner Inspiring you to have better health; Body, Mind and Spirit Dr. Kathy Gruver, […]

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Childhood Cancer Charity Spotlight:
The Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation

The Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation is a charity committed to raising funds for research and treatment of cancers that affect children and adults.  Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from illness in children. While great advances have occurred in the last few decades, there is much to be done to find answers […]


Facebook Support Group Spotlight:
“Kidney Cancer Support Group of Michigan”

“Kidney Cancer Support Group of Michigan” After suffering the devastating loss of his son from metastatic kidney cancer in 2005, Frank Friedman searched for a support group. While there were a variety of resources that were available, Frank was frustrated by missing support elements that he felt were important to truly fortify support for families […]