About Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce is the Executive Producer and Host of Cancer Free Radio. Over a decade ago, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer; a few months after giving birth to her daughter. Julie’s mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer that same summer. And as bizarre as it may seem, the family cat was also diagnosed with breast cancer by a vet named Dr. Amen, who also had just completed her own breast cancer treatments.

These events compelled Julie to learn as much as possible about cancer causes and cancer prevention. She is committed to teaching and sharing her discoveries to help as many people as possible realize what they can do to dramatically reduce the risk that they and their loved ones ever experience cancer. She also takes great pride in mentoring cancer survivors to connect with their passions while inspiring them to have an amazing and healthy life, after cancer.

In November 2010, Julie launched – Cancer Free Radio – an Internet Public Radio program, a globally available multidimensional resource to further her objectives to: Teach Cancer Prevention, Nurture Cancer Recovery and Celebrate Cancer Survivors. Julie interviews medical and pharmaceutical professionals, cancer researchers, health educators, cancer charity leaders and inspiring survivors. Each show is available, on demand 24/7 to help inspire and inform.

Julie is the author of: Cancer Free 123: 123 Things That Prevent or Destroy Cancer,”The Power To Prevent Cancer,” “The Cancer Free Grocery List” and a soon to be released book: “Cancer Fighting Foods.” She has some other amazing projects “in the works.” Tune in and subscribe at: so you don’t miss any news.

A Message from the Author: Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce was Featured on The Pink Ribbon Journey Website

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