The Brad Coleman Cancer Foundation – A Champion of Early Detection of Testicular Cancer

In Honor of Brad Coleman

Most of the time on Cancer Free Radio, the cancer prevention dialogue focuses on breast cancer and how women can take preemptive measures to improve survival due to early detection. I think, as a gender, women tend to be more likely to investigate health concerns and to seek guidance from other women and health advisors.

That’s why I definitely wanted to highlight this resource. Sadly, the creation of this foundation was prompted by the loss of teenager, Brad Coleman, to testicular cancer. My guess is that few families sit their young sons down and explain to them that they need to check their parts with scrutiny on a regular basis, as a normal personal health check. This foundation helps to make this life saving early detection message one that can be delivered and heeded by young men.

The Brad Coleman Cancer Foundation was founded in memory of Brad Coleman who lost his battle with testicular germ cell cancer at the age of 19. The foundation has developed an educational program that teaches the importance of self exam for testicular cancer as well as shows how and when to do these exams. They provide the program free of charge to any school or group that wishes to use it to raise awareness to testicular cancer. They also provide funding for travel and lodging expenses to families that have children afflicted with cancer.

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