“Cancer Kickin Warrior” Inez Whitehead-Dickens –
A Voice of Hope for Cancer Survivors

Inez Whitehead-Dickens

The Cancer Kickin Warrior


Inez Whitehead-Dickens (AA Liberal arts,BS Psychology. ) is an 11 yr stage IIIB breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she looked for someone, like herself…. in an advanced stage of cancer; but to no avail. She thought the worst! She promised God if He pulled her through; she would become a voice of hope for all cancer survivors.




She kept her promise. She wrote an uplifting book called Cancer Kickin Warrior-the ultimate feel good cancer survivor book. In it she reveals true stories (including her own) of people who have survived all stages and types of cancer. Inez also writes a column for The Catskill Daily Mail and The Register Star and does motivational speaking. In Inez’s own words, “What is the point of surviving; if you’re not going to live!” She wants anyone diagnosed with cancer to not just become a survivor; but a Cancer Kickin Warrior. To learn more about Inez and her inspiring work, go to:





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