Cancer Survivor Spotlight: Cheryl Therrien aka “Geek Girl”

One of our primary goals at Cancer Free Radio is to celebrate survivors. Cheryl Therrien is an amazing and dynamic survivor that we know will inspire you.  Cheryl’s moniker is: Geek Girl.”


Meet Geek Girl

Geek Girl is a tech nerd & breast cancer survivor.

Geek Girl is an all around tech nerd and breast cancer survivor who loves trying and reviewing new technology and apps. She is not limited to tech stuff though. She likes passing on cool tips. You can also find Geek Girl blogging at the online newspaper for Topeka, KS.


Per Cheryl:

“My blog serves as the forum for my writing and my love of technology. As a breast cancer survivor I am a huge advocate for encouraging women to be their own health advocates as empowered patients. Many of the app reviews I do are health related. I encourage people to participate on my blog by requesting reviews of apps, gadgets, or tech accessories they want to know about by leaving comments. Everyone is included – Apple, Android, and Windows. Technology is a part of our daily lives so it’s important to stay informed.”


Connect With the Geek Girl:

Cheryl on Twitter @citherrien
Geek Girl’s Blog



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