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Cancer Survivor Spotlight: Cheryl Therrien aka “Geek Girl”

One of our primary goals at Cancer Free Radio is to celebrate survivors. Cheryl Therrien is an amazing and dynamic survivor that we know will inspire you.  Cheryl’s moniker is: Geek Girl.” Meet Geek Girl Geek Girl is a tech nerd & breast cancer survivor. Geek Girl is an all around tech nerd and breast […]


Important Resource Spotlight: Happy Chemo

Freebies, Discounts and Resources for those Facing Cancer Created by Ginger Johnson, a young cancer survivor (diagnosed at age 31 when 5 months pregnant), Happy Chemo! is an Oxymoron on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey. Our Mission is to ease the fear, frustration and financial burden associated with cancer by connecting survivors and […]


“Cancer Kickin Warrior” Inez Whitehead-Dickens –
A Voice of Hope for Cancer Survivors

The Cancer Kickin Warrior   Inez Whitehead-Dickens (AA Liberal arts,BS Psychology. ) is an 11 yr stage IIIB breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she looked for someone, like herself…. in an advanced stage of cancer; but to no avail. She thought the worst! She promised God if He pulled her through; […]


How To Have Your “Best Life After Breast Cancer”

More and more of us are surviving Breast Cancer…thanks to early detection, proactive health changes and improving treatment options. However, after surviving such an exhausting, emotional, challenging and often frightening experience many survivors are left with a “post cancer confusion” state. There are questions. What’s next? How do I feel empowered again? How do I […]