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Childhood Cancer Charity Spotlight:
The Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation

The Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation is a charity committed to raising funds for research and treatment of cancers that affect children and adults.  Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from illness in children. While great advances have occurred in the last few decades, there is much to be done to find answers […]


Dina Nwaokai-Beecham – How Race Impacts Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survival

Dina Nwaokai-Beecham  is the author of: “Memoirs of Cancer: Ten African Americans Share Their Cancer Experience.” After being diagnosed with cancer, Dina Beecham, like other cancer survivors knew she was facing the most challenging ordeal of her life. But what she soon realized, was that being African American would make her cancer experience even more […]


Dawn Jones and Kelly Vidovic – Helping Cancer Patients to: “Live, Love, and Walk Sexy!”

Back in December, i had the privilege of interviewing Dawn Jones. Dawn is a Cancer Treatment Centers of America patient who graciously shares each step of her cancer journey with thousands, daily. Dawn has been an inspiration and a role model for thousands, teaching us how to embrace life with gratitude, strength and beauty. Dawn […]


Kristen Palma – On Her Husband’s Legacy to Target Treatments and Fund Research for Rare Cancers

Kristen Palma’s husband Paul Poth started Target Cancer after he was diagnosed with hepatobiliary duct cancer and found there was no real treatment for this type of cancer. Instead Paul had to undergo treatments patched together by his doctors based on other cancer treatments. Paul faced surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. But because no […]


Linda Gottlieb – How a Rx for Exercise Can Improve Healing, Recovery and Survivorship

Linda Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET is one of the first nationally certified Cancer Exercise Trainers sanctioned by the American Council of Sports Medicine and the American Cancer Society along with being the first certified Cooper Institute Active Living Every Day behavior change program facilitator in the state of Connecticut. She is currently on staff at […]