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Reasons For Being Healthy by Kamala Appel

Reasons for Being Healthy by Kamala Appel   Available on Amazon   Reasons for Being Healthy explores why people have decided to live a healthy life in efforts to motivate others to regain their own health, happiness, and overall well-being. Studies claim that it takes 4-6 weeks to develop a new habit. The key to […]


Dina Nwaokai-Beecham – How Race Impacts Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survival

Dina Nwaokai-Beecham  is the author of: “Memoirs of Cancer: Ten African Americans Share Their Cancer Experience.” After being diagnosed with cancer, Dina Beecham, like other cancer survivors knew she was facing the most challenging ordeal of her life. But what she soon realized, was that being African American would make her cancer experience even more […]


123 Things That Prevent or Destroy Cancer

From the Executive Producer and Host of Cancer Free Radio, comes this comprehensive guide to 123 “cancer fighters.” After years of extensive research and study, Julie Joyce has compiled this important book featuring over 123 “CANCER FIGHTERS” to help you and your family to stay cancer free and healthy. Cancer Fighters are foods, activities and […]


Linda Gottlieb – How a Rx for Exercise Can Improve Healing, Recovery and Survivorship

Linda Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET is one of the first nationally certified Cancer Exercise Trainers sanctioned by the American Council of Sports Medicine and the American Cancer Society along with being the first certified Cooper Institute Active Living Every Day behavior change program facilitator in the state of Connecticut. She is currently on staff at […]