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How Deodorant Can Impact Your
Cancer and Alzheimer’s Risk

Aluminum has been correlated with cancerous cell development in the underarm/breast area as well as a contributor to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. People are becoming more and more aware of the hazards of aluminum in everyday items including, one of the most potent, their deodorant. Deodorant is used everyday and the absorption of high […]


Jennifer and Jacy Eickemeyer – On Creating a Safer Deodorant Without Harmful Chemicals

Jennifer & Jacy Eickemeyer are a mother and teenage daughter team, who were frustrated and concerned about the health implications from the ingredients in commercially available deodorants. Inspired by their desire to find a solution that was natural, organic, and free of dangerous ingredients they ultimately developed Jacy…..a delicate deodorant powder that comes in a […]


Todra Payne – On Cosmetics Safety

Todra Payne Launched a 15-year career by painting the face of Mariah Carey, and has helped thousands of women maximize their natural beauty with makeup. Her work has graced the pages of A-list publications such as Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, Harpers Bazaar, O Magazine, and Newsweek. Her exceptional artistic skill and reputation as an industry […]