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Can A Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Affect Your Health?

Guest post by Vegetarian’s Beginner’s Guide Adopting A Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Can Help To Manage Your Current Health The vegetarian and vegan diets are well known for natural healing health benefits on the human body. Leading a vegetarian lifestyle  help manage health conditions, improve the environment and teach you how to develop good eating […]


123 Things That Prevent or Destroy Cancer

From the Executive Producer and Host of Cancer Free Radio, comes this comprehensive guide to 123 “cancer fighters.” After years of extensive research and study, Julie Joyce has compiled this important book featuring over 123 “CANCER FIGHTERS” to help you and your family to stay cancer free and healthy. Cancer Fighters are foods, activities and […]


Jennifer and Jacy Eickemeyer – On Creating a Safer Deodorant Without Harmful Chemicals

Jennifer & Jacy Eickemeyer are a mother and teenage daughter team, who were frustrated and concerned about the health implications from the ingredients in commercially available deodorants. Inspired by their desire to find a solution that was natural, organic, and free of dangerous ingredients they ultimately developed Jacy…..a delicate deodorant powder that comes in a […]