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123 Things That Prevent or Destroy Cancer

From the Executive Producer and Host of Cancer Free Radio, comes this comprehensive guide to 123 “cancer fighters.” After years of extensive research and study, Julie Joyce has compiled this important book featuring over 123 “CANCER FIGHTERS” to help you and your family to stay cancer free and healthy. Cancer Fighters are foods, activities and […]


Tom Von Deck – How Meditation Can Influence Health and Cancer Recovery

Tom Von Deck is a workplace meditation trainer, stress management speaker and author of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course and The Deeper Meditation Audio Course. Tom specializes in making meditation a much easier and more customized process for busy people and everyone else. Everyone has a powerful set of compatible tools for entering […]


Alice McCall – How Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions Can Trigger Illness

Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Hypnotherapist) is a ‘Cellular Level Healing’ Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Inspirational Speaker, and Author.  Her passion is to help others heal using the entire mind, body, spirit, and emotion spectrum.  Her specialty is to transform deep blocks of dense energy at the cellular level, enhancing her clients’ health, joy, and spiritual […]


Sue Weldon – Cancer Survivor Launches Organization for Women and Girls

Sue Weldon has been a gymnastics coach for 23 years at AJS Pancott Gymnastics National Training Center in West Chester, and has served as a Junior Olympic National Team Coach. Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, at the age of 39, and discovered the importance of complementary therapies in her recovery. Because of […]