Are You Experiencing Night Sweats due to Cancer Treatments or Menopause?

The following is a guest post from: Wendy Collett of
Wendy’s Company has created a product that we believe would be especially helpful
to women who are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms due to
chemotherapy, radiation therapy and menopause.

Night Sweats are Not Something you Should Lose Sleep Over

 Ahhh, sleep. An important thing to get enough of at any time of life, it becomes even more important and perhaps more elusive, when dealing with cancer.

A recent article from The National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health reported that sleep disturbances occur in about 10% to 15% of the population and are often associated with stress, illness, aging, and drug treatment. They estimate that one-third to one-half of people with cancer experience sleep disturbance. It is no wonder that physical illness, pain, hospitalization, drugs and other treatments for cancer, and the psychological impact of a malignant disease may disrupt the sleeping patterns of persons with cancer. Poor sleep adversely affects daytime mood and performance. Getting adequate sleep may increase the cancer patient’s pain tolerance.

We at Dry Babe have made getting a good night’s sleep our mission and have targeted night sweats since they are a major factor in reducing the quality of sleep.    People with cancer often experience night sweats as a symptom of the cancer, as a side effect of medication, and as the body’s reaction to immediate changes in hormone balance due to hysterectomies and thyroid surgeries.

Dry Babe sleepwear is different from all other night sweat sleepwear in that it quickly soaks up the moisture from the skin so that night sweats can no longer be a factor in a restless night’s sleep.  Not only that, our high cotton content fabric blend is light weight, soft, and comfortable and our garments are styled for women and not for patients a la the “Look Good, Feel Better” mode.

Our Sweet Dreams by Dry Babe collection consists of a kimono robe, tank-style night gown, as well as a tank top and boy shorts to fit all of your needs and moods.  Each garment comes in fuchsia, turquoise and navy in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 1X, 2X, 3X.

Dry Babe can be purchased on  Please feel free to email us with any questions at








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