An Amazing Resource to Help Women Confront Facial Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

When I heard about this resource, my first reaction was…..what an awesome thing that this company created!

For so many women, enduring treatment to get well, is often a path that includes emotional and self-esteem shattering side effects. Usually the first thing one thinks about when they hear the word “chemo” is hair loss. And for those women who have endured chemo in order to banish cancer, they have learned that this means more than just a bald head.

Baldness can some times even manifest in a defiant warrior persona that helps some women to feel empowered and armed for battle to regain control over their bodies. There are even some fancy head gear options to now help chemo patients to diminish social discomfort.

But when we look in the mirror every day and face ourselves and judge ourselves… is our face that reassures us and convinces us that we have the strength to endure….whatever challenges we encounter. We notice every new wrinkle, every blemish, every change. So when chemo also takes away the eyebrows that outline our eyes and alters our face, the anguish can be a tipping point and very difficult to bare.

Wendy McGee, an ovarian cancer survivor developed Eazy Brow® to help women facing such an emotionally challenging side effect.

Wendy McGee

On November 13, 2005, I was diagnosed with Stage IB ovarian cancer. I had to undergo 6 rounds of a Taxol/Carboplatin combination of chemotherapy as a precaution. After attending a class on chemotherapy, I had two concerns; hair loss and how much work I would miss. The hair loss concern had to do with losing my eyebrows. I was fine with losing the hair on my head, wearing a wig, and using eyeliner to deal with my eyelashes, but dealing with my eyebrows-BIG PROBLEM!

While sitting in my clinic treatment chair for all of my numerous chemotherapy sessions, I noticed that others like me had absolutely no facial hair, and how sad they appeared, and that’s when the idea hit me.

After months of research of what was available in the marketplace to deal with this issue (or what was not available), I came up with this concept that I hope you will find to be the most convenient way to add some depth and contour to your face during this season of your life.

It is so true, “Beautiful Eyebrows Complete Your Face.”

Wendy’s Product:

Eazy Brow®, is a hands free adjustable eyebrow mask, created to solve all of your eyebrow needs.


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Thank you, Wendy for developing your innovative and compassionate resource that will be helpful to so many women.


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