Guest List (A to Z)

Celebrity Survivors

(36) Congresswoman
Debbie Wasserman Schultz






Pharmaceutical CEO’s/Medical Experts

(11) Dr. Robert McCORMACK of Veridex/Johnson & Johnson –
On The New Cancer Blood Test

(35) Lewis STUART – Gen. Mgr. of Phenogen Siences/BREVAgen

Cancer Charity Leaders & Founders


(19) Michelle ERNSDORFF – Childhood Cancer Survivor Launches Foundation to Help Parents Whose Child Has Cancer

(20) Jean SACHS, CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer,

(24) Linda BRUZZONE – On Lynch Cancers and the Importance of Genetic Testing

(49) Victoria TASHMAN – Founder of – Helping Women To Get Targeted Support

(38) Kristen Palma – Target Cancer – On Her Husband’s Legacy to Target Treatments and Fund Research for Rare Cancers

(27) Sue WELDON – Cancer Survivor Launches Organization (Unite for HER) for Women and Girls

(26) Jenna GLAZER, Dir. of Development, Young Survival Coalition

Inspiring Survivors
Informative Guests


(41) Joni ALDRICH – On Cancer Survival, Caregiving and Grief

(33) Jan ALLEN – How Facilitated An Amazing Cancer Survivor Celebration

(39) Monica ALLMOND – Helping Cancer Survivors to Become Cancer Victors

(21) Tami BOEHMER – How Incurable Diagnoses Become Incredible Recoveries

(31) Chizoma CLUFF – On Cancer, Emotional Healing and Improving Self-Esteem

(8) Kevin DAVISON – Childhood Cancer Survivor, Successful Fiction Writer

(7) Patricia DEAN-ESCOTO – On Holistic Nutrition and Healing

(44) Jennifer And Jacy EICKEMEYER – On Creating a Safer Deodorant Without Harmful Chemicals

(40) Linda FISHER – Amazing Survivor Creates Comforting Gifts to Help Others Recover

(2) Bruce FRANKEL – On Embracing Your Dreams

(10) Rebecca GIFFORD – On Finding New Talents, Interests & Joys After Cancer

(28) Linda GOTTLIEB – How a Rx for Exercise Can Improve Healing, Recovery and Survivorship

(47) Lisa GREY – The Pink Kitchen Chef – Helping Cancer Patients and Survivors with Healthy and Delicious Recipes

(34) Lois Tschetter HJELMSTAD – Trailblazing Cancer Survivor Inspires Audiences Nationwide

(50) Joy HUBER – Inspiring Patients to Face “Cancer with Joy”

(48) Wendy JACOBSON – Hands Off My Hope – How Her Mother Beat the Odds and Created a Legacy to Inspire Others

(25) Dawn JAMES – How Your Vibrational Frequency Affects Your Health

(45) Catherine JOHNSON – How Thermography May Be A Safer Screening Alternative To Mammography

(15) Brenda JONES – On Restoring Patient Dignity with HugWraps®

(9)Dawn JONES – Inspiring Survivors with her Story, Strength, Gratitude and Beauty

(43) Dawn Jones (part 2) Featuring Kelly Vidovic – Helping Cancer Patients to “Live, Love, and Walk Sexy!”

(12) Jacqueline KLOSEK – On The Importance of Maintaining and Protecting Your Medical Records

(42) Diane LeBleu –Amazing Survivor Creates “PinkPockets” to Hold Surgical Drains (a story of BRCA positive twin sisters)

(30) Tambre LEIGHN – On Coaching Cancer Survivors and Caregivers For Recovery and Empowerment

(29) Alice McCALL –How Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions Can Trigger Illness

(5) Lauren MILLER – On Reducing Stress During Life’s Challenges

(51) Betsy MULLER –How an “Energy Makeover” Can Impact Wellness and Healing

(46) Dina NWAOKAI-BEECHAM – How Race Impacts Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survival

(23) Joyce and Kevin OBRIEN – How a Husband and Wife BOTH Triumphed Over Aggressive Cancers

(13) Marlena ORTIZ – On Inspiring Young Women to Embrace Their Beauty While They Fight Cancer

(3) Todra PAYNE – On Cosmetics Safety

(22) Hollie and Patrick QUINN- Overcoming Cancer by Rejecting Conventional Cancer Treatments

(14) Diana RAAB – On The Healing Power of Journaling

(17) Norma ROTH – On Triumphing over a Legacy of Cancer

(37) Sharon ROTH-LICHTENFELD – On Lifecoaching To Help Clients Thrive As They Face The Adversity of Cancer

(16)Cynthia SIEGFRIED – On Empowering Advice for Caregiver

(4) Alan SMITH – On Complementary and Alternative Medicine

(1) Francine TREVENS– On Writing, Recovery and Happiness

(32) Tom VON DECK – How Meditation Can Influence Health and Cancer Recovery

(6) Christian WILDE – On Preventing Cancer with Turmeric

(18) Rhonda ZWEBER – A Mother’s Cancer Journey Through the Eyes of a Child

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