How To Live An Amazing Life by Patrick McNally PhD

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Patrick’s new book “How To Live An Amazing Life” includes never released before clinical techniques that produce amazing, fast results for his worldwide clients. He has included case histories and techniques that will have an immediate impact on your life. For over 30 years he has helped the general public, corporations and super star clients in Sydney, London, New York and LA.

Relationships, Wealth Creation, Law Of Attraction, Parenting, Spirituality it’s all covered in this truly amazing book. The thing that sets this book apart from any other is:-

Patrick demonstrates clearly and easily how you can change the way you FEEL about anything and anyone in your life ……… wait for it:-

All in under 60 seconds.

In fact he recently demonstrated his amazing technique called, “The 60 Second Challenge” on Network Television and the telephones went into meltdown with viewers calling up saying how amazed they were that something so powerful could happen to them just while watching Television and following along with this technique.

In this book there are techniques on how to:




STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF and when you use these techniques THEY REALLY DO WORK.

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You’ll feel amazing. As Patrick says, “Everyone deserves to live an amazing life.”



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