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Malti Bhojwani

Life Coach ranked #1 on LinkedIn
out of over 180,000 life coaches internationally

Her latest book, Don’t Think of a Blue Ball, has hit the shelves and can be purchased online internationally from    Her YouTube channel has passed 10,000 views.

What is it about?

This book is as light or as deep as you want it to be, depending on how plugged in you are while reading it. It aims to give you all you need to truly live the life you desire and be joyful as you pursue your hearts’ desires.
Plug In and do the effective tried and tested exercises derived from her extensive study and hours of coaching her clients. It includes scientific explanations where needed, wisdom from timeless philosophers and authors, teachings from the scriptures together with the author’s own personal poignant experiences, to beautifully illustrate how you too can live a life you desire instead of one of default.


To see what others are saying about the book, see the first review written by Mandovi Menon for the Times of India & GuyLife:

“Don’t Think of a Blue Ball is not a book for the closed-minded. It’s well in keeping with the changing times, the growing sense of spirituality that’s shrouding the world today. It contemplates something that more and more people have been searching for in these trying times–a real sense of inner peace.

It’s fickle in the best of ways; only to imply that this book has chameleon content and can as such be whatever you want it to be. In fact, Malti herself puts it best at the very beginning of the book when she says, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball can be as deep or as light as you want it to be.” Though this may be enough motivation for you to go out and grab yourself a copy, allow me to paint a clearer picture………… this life-coach’s uncanny ability to simplify complex theories and illustrate their application in real life. This book is much the same in all its unprocessed, what-you-see-is-what-you-get language.

The book has a good flow, which is remarkable considering the plethora of topics that Malti speaks about ………… she gently forces us to confront a more honest version of ourselves through riveting lessons about positivity, replacing negativity, letting go, coincidences and much more. Malti is……….. generous in sharing some great trade secrets through these tests and exercises that she’s learned and applied with great to success in her own life.

Of all the tests available in the book, I especially enjoyed the ‘jigsaw puzzle visualization exercise’ and ‘thinking pink declaration exercise’–but this is definitely going to differ from person to person. Also, I loved that she didn’t hesitate to share deeply personal experiences, all of which further simplify the message of the book while engaging the reader……..

…….. this book made me take a harder look at myself. It gave me a clearer picture of what I wanted, and a step-by-step method of achieving it. All this while using the power of the universe and faith in ourselves–the two things we often neglect……….As I soaked up the last few sentences of the book, I closed it gently, suddenly aware that this was more of a beginning than the end!”

Read Mandovi’s full review here.

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