Steve Carney – Health and life coach on a Mission
to End Sickness

Is it really possible to End Sickness?
“Yes!” says Health and Life Coach, Steve Carney. Steve explains:

Steve Carney

“In the U.S. and other western countries, common sickness like fatigue, allergies and colds, and chronic health problems/sickness are widespread! And most of those problems are driven by lifestyle choices.

People get allergies, colds and flu more often than they need to! Other, more chronic problems can fester for years without symptoms, such as excess weight/obesity high blood pressure (BP), pre-diabetes and diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, atherosclerosis, and more! And many of these health problems and sickness are driven by the wrong choices in nutrition and activity.  

About 66% of Americans are overweight or obese and about half of those are obese. Diabetes and other health problems are growing rapidly. When left untreated, these sicknesses will shorten you life significantly and can kill you suddenly (a heart attack can kill you in 5 seconds)!”

Steve believes that with the guidance of a Health and Life Coach, many of the life shortening behaviors and activities can be reduced. Steve helps his clients to achieve forward progress toward their health goals.  Steve is certified through the Venice Nutrition/Fitness Program. For Life/Professional Coaching, he is certified through Fowler Wainwright International.  He is also certified as a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC).

Steve maintains an extensive information site on a variety of health issues and has a special section devoted to those who are concerned with the challenges or prevention of Cancer.

Connect with Coach Steve Carney:

End Sickness Now!

End Sickness Now! (Cancer Resource):

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