Nuriche – Delivering Complete Nutrition for Optimal Health

Nuriche has one simple purpose: to offer the full benefit of more than 70 fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and seeds without the hassle. It is not always possible to  shop for the best produce, start a garden, or change your diet to make sure that you get suggested daily requirements. With Nuriche, anyone can enjoy their daily allotment of fruits and vegetables with a delicious powder that can be added to a glass of water. You might miss out on the great taste of your favorite fruits and vegetables, or the excitement of finding especially good produce at the market, but there is one thing that you won’t miss: a well-rounded, wholesome diet.

The nutrients are carefully processed with a proprietary system called InstaFresh which  allows the fruits, vegetables, and other products that are in Live to be dried and turned into powder at less than 100 degrees in less than 30 seconds. This means that there is no high-heat cooking which would deplete nutritional value.

Nuriche is simple. The product, the concept, and the mission are all very simple. Nuriche has created this product as a way to provide a more wholesome diet to people who need it. Their line of whole food products offers nourishment and better health solutions  while their distribution program and charity partnerships offer benefits for others, as well. In less than 30 seconds, you can mix up your a glass and quickly consume nutrition that is critical to overall health.

Nuriche has two product lines: LIVE and ReVIVE. Each product has a unique blend of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, and seeds that are designed to offer the most health benefits and the best performance for your body. Nuriche LIVE was created as a powdered juice and whole food blend to offer whole food nutrition to consumers. This product is available in to-go packets that are convenient for taking with you, as well as a standard container and go-anywhere bottles that make getting your fruits and vegetables easier than ever. ReVIVE is a dietary supplement in the form of a vegetarian gelatin capsule that provides daily fruits and vegetables along with extracts and supplements to help boost your energy without the sugar crash that most energy drinks provide.

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