Lewis Stuart of Phenogen Sciences on
BREVAgen™ – A New Test to Detect Cancer Risk

Lewis Stuart

Lewis Stuart is the General Manager of Phenogen Sciences and has been in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry for 28 years. In March, Phenogen Sciences will launch BREVAGen™. BREVAGen™ is a NEW test that assesses your personal genetic information, together with various lifestyle factors to determine your risk of developing breast cancer. Each year in the United States, more than 192,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. If you are one of the 10% of women who have a family history of the disease, there is a test called BRCA to help determine your risk. BREVAGen™ is a NEW test to help the remaining 90%  of women, to know their personal risk of getting breast cancer so they can take action to reduce their risks. For more info. on how to arrange a BREVAGen™ test, go to: or

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