Kristen Palma – On Her Husband’s Legacy to Target Treatments and Fund Research for Rare Cancers

Paul Poth and Kristen Palma

Kristen Palma’s husband Paul Poth started Target Cancer after he was diagnosed with hepatobiliary duct cancer and found there was no real treatment for this type of cancer. Instead Paul had to undergo treatments patched together by his doctors based on other cancer treatments. Paul faced surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. But because no treatment protocol existed for his particular diagnosis, his doctors had to look at other cancers to determine his course of treatment — a “best guess” approach that brought little hope for recovery. It was this experience that drove Paul to create TargetCancer in March 2009. TargetCancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising research funding and creating awareness for rare and lesser known cancers. TargetCancer’s goal is to fund defined, cutting edge research that can quickly benefit those suffering from cancers with no protocols for treatment. Ultimately, advances in treating lesser known cancers would likely be of benefit to all types of cancers. TargetCancer supports new therapies that scientists believe are the future of cancer treatment, including molecularly targeted cancer therapies and tumor genotyping. Paul’s wife Kristen and her brother Jim Palma continue Paul’s legacy to bring hope to others with rare cancers. For info. on TargetCancer and their music inspired fundraiser go to: &


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