Joni Aldrich – On Cancer Survival, Caregiving and Grief

Joni Aldrich

Joni Aldrich is an author and speaker. She has published six books on how to survive cancer, caregiving, end-of-life issues, and grief. This journey began after she lost her husband, Gordon, to cancer that had metastasized to his brain. Her determination has intensified with the recent loss of her mother from lung cancer. She believes that there is an unmet need for practical information to help cancer patients and their families, so she continues to research and write books about the daily rigors of living when cancer invades your world. Joni believes that she has been prepared throughout her lifetime to write books and reach out to people affected by cancer. Turning her own devastation at the loss of Gordon and her mother into hope for others is no easy task, but she believes that she is destined to follow this path. For more info. on Joni’s work go to:

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