Diane LeBleu -Amazing Survivor Creates “PinkPockets” to Hold Surgical Drains (a story of BRCA positive twin sisters)

Diane LeBleu

Diane LeBleu and her sister Denise

Diane LeBleu is a recent breast cancer patient/now survivor, having been diagnosed and treated at the young age of 39. Her diagnosis of Stage 2 Invasive Breast Cancer was just 6 years after her twin sister Denise was diagnosed with the same and 3 years after her aunt died of a breast cancer reoccurence at age 61. Diane and Denise have learned that they both carry a mutation of the BRAC1 gene. After Diane’s bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in January 2009, she was inspired to create an instant pocket that a patient can use to hold drains following surgery. Diane created Pink Pockets which are easy to adhere to the inside of one’s pj’s, gown or shirt. The pockets can then be easily removed when the drains are gone. In addition to donating pink pockets to patients in need, she is also a patient speaker with the Myriad Gene Lab’s Brac Pack group and is a guest blogger, on the NY Times Parenting blog – Motherlode.  For more info. on Diane’s product:

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