Catherine Johnson – How Thermography May Be A Safer Screening Alternative To Mammography

Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson is the owner of Silk Thermal Imaging. After 17 years in the biotech research arena she decided to make a change.  Catherine, herself,  was a consumer of Thermography for over 5 years, but she realized that very few women were aware that this technology even existed. With her background in research, coupled with having not only her mother-in-law but one of her closest friends becoming victims of breast cancer,
she began to delve further into breast cancer, mammography and thermographic technology. Catherine decided to make it her business to educate women on this extraordinary technology and started SILK Thermal Imaging. In August of 2009 she began giving seminars and continues on her quest to save women’s lives and spare them, and their families, the emotional, physical and financial ruin that often accompanies a breast cancer diagnosis. Click Here for more info. on SILK Thermal Imaging.

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