Julie Joyce: My Pink Ribbon Journey

Since the launch of Cancer Free Radio, I have had the honor of interviewing close to 50 amazing people. Most of them have braved their own inspiring cancer experience. Many of my guests have chatted with me either before or after the interview, and have asked me about my personal cancer experience. One of those guests took it a few steps further and asked me to put it in writing.

In January, I interviewed Norma Roth. Norma wrote a beautiful book called Pink Ribbon Journey: Stories From the Heart. Norma continues to feature inspiring survival stories on her Pink Ribbon Journey website. I was honored to have Norma ask me to write about my “Pink Ribbon Journey.” It was more difficult than I thought. It took me awhile to be emotionally ready to write about my experience. I had talked about my experience to anyone who would listen…but to actually write the details triggered some painful but liberating memories. Thank you, Norma for nudging me to write my story.  Here is my Pink Ribbon Journey.

2 Responses to “Julie Joyce: My Pink Ribbon Journey”

  1. You know I am a BIG fan. I am happy to see your site still going strong. Keep up the great work. Be strong with your experience. The knowledge and experience of facing an enemy win or lose strengthens us and those around us when it is shared as you are sharing your experience and the experiences of others.

  2. Sheri says:

    A beautiful and touching story that was a blessing to share with those of us who have been there and can relate. Thank you Julie.