Dina Nwaokai-Beecham – How Race Impacts Cancer Detection, Treatment and Survival

Dina Nwaokai-Beecham

Dina Nwaokai-Beecham  is the author of: “Memoirs of Cancer: Ten African Americans Share Their Cancer Experience.”

After being diagnosed with cancer, Dina Beecham, like other cancer survivors knew she was facing the most challenging ordeal of her life. But what she soon realized, was that being African American would make her cancer experience even more defying.

Her journey inspired her to share what she learned about improving outcomes for African American cancer patients. Having been a teacher for over 26 years, Dina turned to her natural instincts to teach, as a tool to reach out to women who needed to know the facts that could influence their survival.

Dina’s book chronicles the cancer journey of 10 African Americans and  includes vital, self-help information to help those who may find themselves facing this same life changing challenge. If you would like to know more about Dina’s work,
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