Wendy Jacobson – Hands Off My Hope – How Her Mother Beat the Odds and Created a Legacy to Inspire Others

Jan Zimmerman and her grandchildren

Wendy Jacobson watched her Mother, Jan Zimmerman, battle breast cancer for over a decade. When she was first diagnosed in 1995, Jan was given a less than 10% chance of surviving longer than six months. Through sheer will and determination, Jan not only beat the odds, she also lived a good life for almost 13 more years; despite managing her cancer throughout most of that time. During her journey, Jan learned a lot – about herself, about her family and friends, and about the health care industry. She became an advocate for others who were facing a life-threatening disease, and countless people from all over the world sought her out for a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. Jan wanted to reach an even broader audience, which led her to write:

Wendy Jacobson

‘Hands Off My Hope! Life Lessons On My Journey With Breast Cancer’, which she completed and published just one month before she died, in January 2008. Three days before she died, Jan asked her daughter if she would continue to spread her message of hope despite a devastating diagnosis. Now, Wendy is keeping her mother’s legacy alive by doing the work that her mother could not.



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