Victoria Tashman – Founder of Pink-Link,
Helping Women to Get Targeted Support

Victoria Tashman

Victoria Tashman is the Founder of Pink-Link.  After completing a year of Breast Cancer treatment, Victoria wanted to give back to the community that supported her. Victoria had a wide support group of friends and family and met many women who were battling breast cancer on their own. Some of these women were afraid of talking to their doctors and some women suffered through treatment all alone. Victoria realized that many women were either unable or uncomfortable attending local support groups. And they were less likely to find someone with enough similar circumstances to relate to.

Victoria decided to address this need by creating an on-line database of patients and survivors. Victoria envisions women diagnosed with breast cancer getting the particular, targeted support they need from the comfort of their own home. Pink-Link is a nonprofit organization that connects breast cancer survivors for free, online. On their website,, women can connect with other women with similar breast cancer issues. Pink-Link has members in all 50 states and internationally.

To find out more about Pink-Link, to get help or to make a donation go to: or to Vicki’s blog at:


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