Joy Huber – Inspiring Patients to Face “Cancer with Joy”

Joy Huber

Joy Huber is a stage four young adult cancer survivor and the founder of “Cancer with Joy.” She is an award-winning international presenter and songwriter.

Joy helps the newly diagnosed and those on their support team learn how to transform fear into happiness with resources, support, and en‘courage’ment. She wrote the book “Cancer with Joy” to be the essential resource for the newly diagnosed providing helpful and highly valuable information that saves precious time, energy, and money.

Joy’s Amazing Mom

Joy is an inspiration, and her humor and positive energy ignites others to transform their experience with cancer from negative to “Cancer with Joy.” Joy’s co-written song, “Bright Side Effects,” is part of the book’s subtitle, and the music video for her song is available on YouTube & iTunes.  To find out more about Joy’s Coaching and programs, go to: To listen to Joy’s song, “Bright Side Effects” go to: Cancer with Joy’s YouTube Channel.

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