Patricia Dean-Escoto – On Holistic Nutrition and Healing

Patricia has been a successful Educator and Trainer for over 20 yrs. After being diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, and refusing chemotherapy, she pursued the study of nutrition and used

Patricia Dean-Escoto

that knowledge, along with other homeopathic treatments to recover. Patricia’s company, Inner-Workings, specializes in nutrition therapy and diet analysis to help her clients lower their risk of degenerative diseases. In addition to being a Holistic Nutrition Educator, she holds a Masters Degree in education and is a raw foods chef. Patricia is also the host of a weekly VoiceAmerica radio show, Pathways to Healing. And Her book, Ten Powerful Foods that Fight and Protect against Breast Cancer is due out in the February. For more info. on Patricia’s work, go to: or

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