Rebecca Gifford –
On Finding New Talents, Interests & Joys After Cancer

Rebecca Gifford is a writer, healer and clairvoyant living in Southern California. At 22, Rebecca was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She received chemotherapy, radiation treatments

Rebecca Gifford

Cancer Happens

and a successful bone marrow transplant. She is a 15 year cancer survivor. Her successful online column detailing her “time with cancer” was published on and in 2000, and eventually developed into a memoir, Cancer Happens: Coming of Age with Cancer, -published in 2003.  Rebecca now writes marketing and business documents and consults for clients as well as continues to write screenplays and publish essays. She also has a joint healing, reading and massage therapy practice with her husband – called Body of Light Healing Arts. For more info. on Rebecca’s work, go to: or

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