Hollie and Patrick Quinn- Overcoming Cancer by
Rejecting Conventional Cancer Treatments

Hollie and Patrick Quinn met at the University of Chicago where they were both pursuing Master’s degrees. After graduation, Hollie worked as an analyst in a large grant-making foundation in

Hollie & Patrick Quinn

California for several years before pausing her career to have her first child. Patrick embarked on a career in software development and soon after launched his own software firm. When Hollie was 7 months pregnant with their 1st child she discovered a lump and within a few days was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than immediately accepting radical treatment suggestions, the couple used their training as social scientists to pursue smarter, safer treatments for Hollie’s cancer. This led them to an herbal oncology treatment protocol. After very successful treatment and post-cancer return to health, Hollie and Patrick wrote their book
You Did WHAT? Saying ‘No’ to Conventional Cancer Treatment, so they could share their experiences with others. Hollie and Patrick now have two children and live and work in Colorado. For my info. on their book, go to:

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