Pam Cromwell ~ An Extraordinary Cancer Fighter

Pam’s Story

I’m Pam. Right before I turned 30, I found a lump in my breast. I was fit, healthy, and had no family history of breast cancer. So at first, my doctors thought I was safe from the dreaded C-word. But I just knew something wasn’t right. Sure enough, within HOW MANY weeks, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. And that wasn’t all – after starting treatments I found out that my cancer was particularly aggressive. My doctor held back tears when she told me I had six months to live. One day I was moving from Massachusetts to New York to begin a new career; the next I’m just hoping to make it to my 30th birthday.

That was six years ago. I’ve been blessed with a team of incredible doctors, nutritionists, health professionals, and supportive friends and family. And in these few years I’ve learned some amazing lessons.

One: Cancer is not just something you can cut or chemo out and be done with. Today, new therapies enable cancer fighters to live longer, fuller lives and ultimately heal. Yet many cancer patients miss out on these treatments because they don’t get the information or costs and insurance restrictions keep them away. I believe that shouldn’t ever happen.

Two: Life does not stop just because you have cancer. Going to work, staying in shape, looking beautiful, having fun – everything that makes you you is a crucial asset in being able to fight disease. Yet we have special needs that employers, gyms, salons, and the world at large need to know about so we can function at our best. When you have cancer, you want help feeling normal, not singled out for being “special.”

That’s why I started Pink for Pam. My dream is to bring a little more fight to the cancer fight – by providing patients with access to services and information on health, fitness, beauty, style, and soul. So we can bring the very best that’s inside us to the most important fight of our lives.

I hope you’ll join me in Painting a New Picture of Cancer®


About Pink for Pam

Pink for Pam provides those actively fighting cancer with tools to live full lives during treatment and develop and maintain a positive, powerful, and healthy mind, body, and spirit. Cancer has changed its game. No longer a death sentence or even a disease with a decisive treatment followed by remission, cancer is more commonly treated as a chronic illness that remains in the body through more advanced, sometimes less harmful treatments. Pink for Pam paints this new picture of cancer, one where there are fewer “victims” and “survivors” and more and more “fighters.” The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aims to ensure that all patients living with cancer can do so as normally as possible, provide an online community for education and support, and offer tools for individuals battling cancer to flourish in life.

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