Cancer Demystified by Natural Wisdom


Cancer – Its Origin, Prevention & Possible Healing

By Ray Kent

Cancer Demystified.


Finally, it is possible to look at Cancer as it is, without the bias of knowledge, guesswork, greed and ignorance. The Body is speaking to us, and we need no complicated theories or never-ending research to understand. Never has there been a book that takes on such a complete look at Cancer with the Best Sense of All – COMMONSENSE.

This book is a Reminder of our Natural Wisdom
which has been replaced by “higher education”.

* Cancer does not come out of thin air and ‘attack’ anyone indiscriminately.
* One generation of children is born weaker than the other, & that’s a FACT.
* Cancer has a history, developed along a genetic trail, centuries old.
* Cancer is the Descendent of the Common Cold.
* A Cold is a FRIEND.
* When we prevent a cold the medical way, we prevent Health.
* Cancer is the Ultimate Infection, and Germs is NOT the cause.
* The Alternative medicine of wheatgrass, colonics, Chinese or Ayurvedic
medicine are of the same perspective as the medical approach & do not
bring about a healing.
* It’s time we understand the symptom and remove the cause.

Chemo could be the last resort, but maybe not …
There is so much MORE we can do NOW to make this
The TURNING POINT for ourselves and our future generations!!!



About The Author: Ray Kent

Ray Kent is an ordinary layman who has become extraordinary, because he has walked a path few have treaded, and is still treading beyond into the unknown. Whereas the medical perspective studies the symptoms, he studies the true needs of the body, and that brought him back from death to life. Inspired by Herbert Shelton, a human extraordinaire, he vowed to take this life-saving message to help people become more Independently Healthy. He has conducted workshops in over 14 countries over the last 50 years, amongst the attendees are prominent doctors who realized the limits of the medical perspective. His iris evaluation is world-class and his understanding of the reversal process of healing is profoundly invaluable.

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