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Joni Aldrich – On Cancer Survival, Caregiving and Grief

Joni Aldrich is an author and speaker. She has published six books on how to survive cancer, caregiving, end-of-life issues, and grief. This journey began after she lost her husband, Gordon, to cancer that had metastasized to his brain. Her determination has intensified with the recent loss of her mother from lung cancer. She believes […]


Monica Allmond – Helping Cancer Survivors
to Become Cancer Victors

Last year Gloria McGowan was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been successfully treated. During her treatment and recovery her cousin, Monica Allmond was a source of support and motivation. Monica was so moved by the strength and determination of the women she encountered during Gloria’s cancer journey that she was compelled to inspire a […]


Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld – On Lifecoaching To Help Clients Thrive As They Face the Adversity of Cancer

Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld, CPC, ELI MP, BFA is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching. Sharon works with people and their caregivers who have or have had a life changing event or catastrophic illness such as cancer. With over 20 years of experience dealing with cancer, […]