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Christian Wilde – On Preventing Cancer with Turmeric

Christian Wilde is an author & researcher. He publishes the Christian Wilde’s Stem Cell and Turmeric Research Report that informs readers on stem cell progress for treating more than 90 catastrophic diseases including many cancers. The report also concentrates and reports on the actual science behind Turmeric in the treatment and prevention of cancer. He […]


Alan Smith – On Complementary and Alternative Medicine

When the Mayo Clinic didn’t have the answers for his digestive problem Alan Smith turned to the world of complementary and alternative therapies.  He found therapies that improved his health and the more he learned the more excited he became about all of the hope that is available today.  Eventually he decided to share what he’d learned so he wrote an easy-to-read guide […]


Bruce Frankel – On Embracing Your Dreams

Bruce Frankel began his career in journalism as a reporter at Gannett Newspapers in White Plains, New York, where he won numerous awards for reporting, spot news, and columns. He went on to become the New York-based national reporter for USA Today — where he covered major breaking news, trials, politics, organized crime and terrorism– […]


Francine Trevens – On Writing, Recovery and Happiness

Francine has published more in the last five years, since her bout with breast cancer, than in all her prior 73 years. She has always earned her living with writing -as a theater/dance critic, theatrical press agent, stage director, freelance writer, poet and short story writer. However her cancer journey energized and inspired her writing. […]