Resource Spotlight: The Pink Paper

Here is a special Resource that you should know about: The Pink Paper

The Pink Paper was founded by Editor-in-Chief Natalie Palmer and Publisher Roy Gardner. Natalie is a metastatic breast cancer thriver and was compelled to launch a resource that focused on prevention. The Pink Paper is a free monthly magazine that as Natalie describes:

…..looks at women’s wellness in general and breast cancer in particular from a well rounded perspective that includes the medical, holistic and spiritual perspectives. Our intent is to provide news, information and especially inspiration to women and their loved ones as they navigate through a breast cancer experience. We offer comfort so a breast cancer diagnosis is less frightening…we’re in it together…no one is ever alone……

For more information about The Pink Paper, visit:



The Pink Paper Website

The Pink Paper on Facebook

The Pink Paper on Twitter @natspinkpaper




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