The Tea Can Company – A Triple Brew to Fight Breast Cancer

Teas (especially green tea) are rich in polyphenols, flavanoids and antioxidants. These properties are what make tea a “cancer fighter” or one of the things that help to minimize cell damage while encouraging cellular health.

That’s just one big reason why The Tea Can Company got our attention. In addition to inherently offering a “cancer fighting” product….The Tea Can Company takes this health mission 2 steps further.


The Tea Can Company (TTCC) donates 10% of profits from their Breast Cancer Awareness line to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. The Breast Cancer Awareness line delivers “cancer fighting” tea with empowering breast cancer awareness and healing messages. Plus TTCC also has fundraising programs so that charities can use the TTCC product line to both raise awareness as well as funds to support their organizations.

We think that this is a “Triple Brew” to help fight breast cancer, inside and out. If you would like to know more about TTCC’s programs and teas, you can find them on the internet at:, and, they are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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