Saying Goodbye to Y-ME….

I must say I was a bit shocked getting this goodbye email from Y-Me yesterday.


Goodbye and Thank you. It is with deep regret that we inform you that Y-ME has closed its doors. For over 30 years, we were the primary organization that provided support and information from peer counselors who truly understood the complex and challenging world of a breast cancer diagnosis. We were unique. We were compassionate. And you were there to help.

There are no words to express the sadness we all feel but we felt it important that you hear this news from us directly. Thank you for everything you have done for Y-ME over the years.


Apparently, Y-Me is a casualty of the financial challenges that many philanthropic groups face. They will be filing for bankruptcy. I find this personally sad, since it was the Y-Me hotline that helped me on the one night when my husband, baby and mother were all sleeping and it hit me that I had cancer. I just needed to know that someone was there just in case I really needed to talk. I called the hotline and a sweet woman working the overnight shift (it was 3am) asked me what she could do to help. She explained that she wasn’t a peer counselor but would be able to quickly find out what the issue was for me and then (wake-up) call the most appropriate peer for me to talk to. I  told her that I didn’t want her to wake anyone up on my account, I thanked HER for being there to answer the phone, and from that point on as I faced surgeries, and drain tubes etc…I KNEW that I could always call Y-Me and talk IF I NEEDED to. I am sad that this resource that gave me the strength to endure, just by knowing it existed, will no longer be there for the pink sisters that will follow.  I am only relieved by knowing that Cancer Free Radio has given me the opportunity to meet (virtually) many amazing women who have tirelessly worked to maintain charity groups that also offer such hotlines. Over the next few months we will be reminding you of the ones we have already profiled and the new ones we discover.

Thank you to all of the amazing men, women, donors, walkers, volunteers etc who tirelessly helped so many over the years through Y-me!



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